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Not dead.

2015-08-16 13:24:57 by Victor999Wimbleton

Hey guys,I dont dead(yet),but I have some Net problems...


~~not dead~~


Not dead yet.

2015-03-02 16:45:25 by Victor999Wimbleton

Hello guys,you remember me?

So,I listen @Gibb50:I start to animate with stabs.


I found new sounds and soon I update.

And,I need you help:you have a light project nexus sheet in mediafire?Because the sheet of I use have some problens in all sounds and I are lazy to solve these problens.

not dead.


A shitty test+news.

2015-02-07 17:05:23 by Victor999Wimbleton

So,new test(I know its sucks :-P).

PS:Guns by my brother @1999Elias

News:I'm joined to @renege's collab and I are very happy(plz renege put this test in the collab.)

I need to thank to my brothers:@1999Elias,@Ultrabi,@surajgotety,@renege,@ttaisawesome,@Ratnic8000 and more....

Also,I forgot:I want to draw ranged weapons,example:

AK47,AKS-74U Krinkov,Revolver,Colt 1911 and the flintlock pistol rosemary:4973229_142334672243_130ed2f1c834ec3a433eb699a1df590e.jpgBye.


Yeah,awesome new:3D-Gun Sheet finished.


No,dont have test yet.Maybe later.



Some news...

2015-01-28 12:27:38 by Victor999Wimbleton

Good and bad news:

Good:collection of tests(Sprites by Ratnic8000,blood sprites by liuzirui 1122,some sounds by Ellvis).

Bad:In a few days school are back and I dont want to go to school(I are honest,school for me is a FUCKING-HELL!!!)

And I cant talk with you.

But I promise,when I finish my 3D Gun Sheet I post where.

Thats all.


Awesome news...

2015-01-24 16:11:26 by Victor999Wimbleton

I start to make a Madness Combat 3D Gun Sheet.

I finished this later(Is from all people use,please,give credit.)

And,collection of tests: by Elias,TTAisawesome.)

Thats all.


PS:I have a bad english???!??

Tests(Aleluia) X-D

2015-01-17 12:06:41 by Victor999Wimbleton

Well,a long time I dont published my tests

but here his tests(guns by @1999Elias and @ttaisawesome)

And,test for my friend and brother @Akikazu:

EDIT:For you know,my birthday is in 28 May

EDIT 2:I'm joined in a short with @Ratnic8000 and another 3 people

Thats all



Good news....

2015-01-09 16:47:47 by Victor999Wimbleton

I draw supercars(Koenigsegg cars,Bugatti Veyron,Lexus LFA,idk)

Also,my unfinished movie:

Thats all



2015-01-08 07:45:37 by Victor999Wimbleton

I cancelled the movie Madness Tests because I said that if the preview of the movie was saved I would continue with it but if not for the film would be canceled but the preview are blammed.

So,I have a new project

The name is:Madness Shorts:Spam 1

That's all



2015-01-07 10:08:02 by Victor999Wimbleton

So,I need to say thank you to my friend @1999Elias


Because he help me of how to remove echoes of sounds

But,new tests(I know now a new walking style)

Also,I made a second character:4973229_142064328292_08536284fa099045c2db9b53cb42e9a2.png

So,have a nice day